The product should adapt to the needs of the user,
not the other way around.

Based on this intention the developers of DESINO conducted gait analysis and extended the comfort of wheelchairs users to a vital positive health effect. The result has been repeatedly awarded: iF UniversalDesignAward, HealthMediaAward, GermanDesignAward, KölnerDesignPreis, NUK.

Team DESINO Roman Skizze

Roman Pagano
engineer, CTO

Team DESINO Thyl Skizze

Thyl Junker
product designer, CVO

Team DESINO Daniel Skizze

Daniel Levedag
sports scientist, CEO

Inspirational. Dedicated. Independent.

The distribution of DESINO is led by two industry experts: Michael Dettki and Thomas Hinzmann have many years of experience in the fields of adaptation, customization and reimbursement process and will find the best individual solution for each customer .

The team of DESINO combines three diverse disciplines: Thyl Junker is a product designer, Daniel Levedag a sport scientist and Roman Pagano an engineer for medical technology. What unites them ist the belief in the shared idea to change wheelchair driving to be healthier, more comfortable and better looking. They suceeded with this idea. In 2012 they founded the company DESINO and with the radius they presented an innovative reinterpretation oft he adaptive wheelchair. During the phase of concepts the three founders already managed to convince strong partners and received multiple awards for their developement. After receiving the EXIST grant for founders other institutional and private supporters represent the solid base for the DESINO GmbH.

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